A Guide to our Curtains Services…

A window is usually a focal point and so it essential to compliment the decor and the proportion of your room. Bespoke means a unique experience that is individual to your hand made product.


It is the heading that largely defines the style of a curtain and along with the fabrics itself creates the overall effect. We can create virtually any heading to suit your taste from simple pencil pleats to exquisite smocked headings.

Linings and Interlinings

There are normally two reasons for lining a curtain or blind which is to protect the fabric and provide extra weight and body. Karen’s Curtains Kent use the very best quality linings and also offer complete blackout lining. Interlined curtains allows your curtains to floe, loop and curve and we never skimp on fabric.

Our Speciality Silks…

Karen’s Curtains & Interiors Kent specialises in silks which can be used today to create and impression of luxury in even the most modest of rooms. These are usually floor length and interlined to create a voluptuous effect. Our silks are at very affordable prices.

Track fitting service

We also offer a track fitting service for our curtains. We have experience in the art of fitting, hanging and dressing your curtains. We also have a large selection of tracks and poles for you to choose from.
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We have access to thousands of fabrics to create your dream curtains, blinds cushions and soft furnishings including the excellent range from Harlequin. Also checkout their great new range of outstanding wallpapers